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Tide is the web3 marketing platform to acquire and retain users with data driven campaigns and analytics

About Tide

Tide is establishing as a leader in the web3 martech / adtech space. We make it easy to incentivize any activity on the internet with web3 rewards. Tide went live in Nov 2022 and since then:

Open roles

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Our values

Roll up your sleeves

We get things done, fast. We don’t micromanage and we are looking for people that undertake challenges with ownership


We don’t care as much as past experience as the potential to learn and work a lot.

Build for real use cases

Everyone in the organization has contact with partners and customers. Customer first, technology later.

Web3 native

We breath web3. We believe in the industry. We have seen it all. From crazy maniac to the most depressing bear. We kept building

Hacking culture

We won several hackathons and grants. Proactivity and experimentation are welcome.